Shi Han NG

Software engineer based in Tokyo. I have a background in numerical simulations focusing on granular particle simulation and computational fluid dynamics. After graduate school, I started my software engineering career working in the backend domain of web development. I mainly worked with the Go programming language. Then slowly expanded my knowledge to the infrastructure domains (AWS, Terraform, etc.). Now I am also working in the frontend realm with TypeScript and React.js. I am also exposing myself to Python and the Django framework at the same time.

I enjoy being a generalist and love to learn new things from various stacks of technologies: from new programming languages/paradigms, monolithic/microservices architectures, distributed systems, etc.

I strongly believe in automation, be it automated code testings/lintings or continuous integrations/deliveries (CI/CD). I care about the software maintainability and have no ego and emotional attachments to the code that I wrote. I find myself learning most efficiently by giving and receiving code reviews.

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